Final Project

WireframesCard Sorting

Over the course of this whole semester I feel like I learned the material pretty well. There were certain topics that were easier than others but overall I feel like this is the most I’ve learned in any art class I’ve taken so far. I definitely made personal progress because in the beginning of this class I did not think I would ever be confident in coding. Sometimes when it comes to computers I doubt my work a lot but this class helped me get over the fear of creating art on a computer. This class will benefit me in the long run because I feel like I could make my own website for my art, portfolio, resume, etc. This final project was definitely enjoyable to make because we chose our own theme. I also enjoyed how I was able to make my website something I’m passionate about. I’m most proud of my navigation bar because I really struggled with that in the beginning. It took a lot of time to figure out but it was definitely worth it. I also think the font and design of my website is clean yet fun for the topic I chose to work with.


Project 10.3


Project 10 as a whole combined what I’ve learned in html and css so far. In the beginning stages my color, designs, and layouts were a bit boring but going through a process of using photoshop I completely changed my ideas. Photoshop allowed me to transform my first design/ layout. Starting with the content process was also helpful. It allowed me to layout all my ideas into a mess and then slowly organize them in a way that made sense. The content part of the project was definitely the most beneficial for my webpages. Once I started looking at my content I realized there was an underlying theme to it. My theme was past to present through my eyes. I used old pictures of family members from the past and old pictures I’ve taken in some of my favorite places to try to create an “experience” for the viewers. My homepage starts in the past and then through the other webpages we slowly reach the present and future. I also enjoyed the freedom of this project. I added some home videos which I think gave my webpage even more of an “experience” for viewers. I also enjoyed how this project was mainly focused on design elements because sometimes that is forgotten while making websites. Overall, the project was a process that improved over time as well as trial and error.

Project 10.2

For Project 10.2 I created a wireframe using the 960 grid. My homepage is simple with one picture and only some information. I plan to keep the homepage very simple in order to keep viewers interested and browse through the whole website. My about page will most likely have two pictures and more information about why I’m interested in art and what started my love of art. My bio page will be more personal, such as where I grew up and about who I am. This page will also have two videos that I made of my hometown. My portfolio page will consist of 9-12 works of mine and the description will include the medium used and the name. Overall I like the format of my web pages but I will most likely end up changing them around. The font is a little boring and I would like to find a more unique one for my headers and nav. Also the colors are a bit too muted, I think my pages need more of a pop.

Project 10.1 Content


Project 10.1 helped me organize a very complicated set of words. I used 48 post-it notes to write down any words that came to mind when I thought about my interests/ life/ art. This helped me form clear ideas as to what my website may contain. While looking at all the words I noticed a majority of them were memories and events/ things that happen in the past. This idea or theme is something I may create my final webpage off of, building from the past into the present.

Project 9

Project 9 was definitely one of my least successful webpages. My buttons were the main point of my about/home page and because those didn’t work the whole webpage did not flow. My buy page is the most successful part of this project. I took screenshots of actual pictures from the nike website and sited them all. The placement and size of them should make the viewer feel like they’re looking at a product page. My contact page is definitely more successful than the one in project 8. Overall I tried to combine what I learned in project 7 and 8 to make a cohesive product webpage for project 9.

Project 8

For project 8 I began by sketching a design layout. I recreated the 3-page website mock-up from project 7. This time I used a 960 grid. I focused on the composition of the margin, typography, color, and overall style. I wanted the 3 web pages to look cohesive as a whole. My white boxes entitled, “picture” designate where the pictures would go on the real website and I also placed a “logo” on all 3 web pages. I made sure to use descriptive headers so viewers understand if they’re on the home page, buy page, or contact page.