Final Project

WireframesCard Sorting

Over the course of this whole semester I feel like I learned the material pretty well. There were certain topics that were easier than others but overall I feel like this is the most I’ve learned in any art class I’ve taken so far. I definitely made personal progress because in the beginning of this class I did not think I would ever be confident in coding. Sometimes when it comes to computers I doubt my work a lot but this class helped me get over the fear of creating art on a computer. This class will benefit me in the long run because I feel like I could make my own website for my art, portfolio, resume, etc. This final project was definitely enjoyable to make because we chose our own theme. I also enjoyed how I was able to make my website something I’m passionate about. I’m most proud of my navigation bar because I really struggled with that in the beginning. It took a lot of time to figure out but it was definitely worth it. I also think the font and design of my website is clean yet fun for the topic I chose to work with.


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