Project 10.3


Project 10 as a whole combined what I’ve learned in html and css so far. In the beginning stages my color, designs, and layouts were a bit boring but going through a process of using photoshop I completely changed my ideas. Photoshop allowed me to transform my first design/ layout. Starting with the content process was also helpful. It allowed me to layout all my ideas into a mess and then slowly organize them in a way that made sense. The content part of the project was definitely the most beneficial for my webpages. Once I started looking at my content I realized there was an underlying theme to it. My theme was past to present through my eyes. I used old pictures of family members from the past and old pictures I’ve taken in some of my favorite places to try to create an “experience” for the viewers. My homepage starts in the past and then through the other webpages we slowly reach the present and future. I also enjoyed the freedom of this project. I added some home videos which I think gave my webpage even more of an “experience” for viewers. I also enjoyed how this project was mainly focused on design elements because sometimes that is forgotten while making websites. Overall, the project was a process that improved over time as well as trial and error.


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