Project 10.2

For Project 10.2 I created a wireframe using the 960 grid. My homepage is simple with one picture and only some information. I plan to keep the homepage very simple in order to keep viewers interested and browse through the whole website. My about page will most likely have two pictures and more information about why I’m interested in art and what started my love of art. My bio page will be more personal, such as where I grew up and about who I am. This page will also have two videos that I made of my hometown. My portfolio page will consist of 9-12 works of mine and the description will include the medium used and the name. Overall I like the format of my web pages but I will most likely end up changing them around. The font is a little boring and I would like to find a more unique one for my headers and nav. Also the colors are a bit too muted, I think my pages need more of a pop.


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