Project 3

For project 3 I used the html tags learned through book chapters 1-8. The website I created was a Frank Ocean fan page. For my home page I chose to use references to write about Ocean’s early life. I thought it would be beneficial to my website to use the tables on pages entitled, “Channel Orange”, and “Blonde.” These two pages explore Ocean’s first and second albums. The tables were used to show who produced each song on the albums as well as the title of each song.

On my last page, “tours”, I used four different iframes and four different locations. The locations represent Frank Ocean’s upcoming 2017 tours. I made sure to include the venues and the dates of the upcoming concerts. I also used additional content (text, images, etc.) to enhance the User Experience on my website. I chose to use Courier as the font and use different sizes of that font for the headers. I felt like this font set the overall “vibe” of my website. My form goes along with my theme of music. It allows users to select their favorite genre of music and under that is a box for any comments.

Overall I think my website was successful and I loved adding my own style to it.


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