Project 2

The Senses, demonstrated by Ilana Glazer

To create my site I used the html tags, title, head, body, h1, h2, h3, h4, hr, ul, li, center, p, img src=, alt=,small, etc.

My inspiration for this site was my favorite Comedy Central show, Broad City. I used one of the characters/creators to demonstrate each of the 5 senses. I used gifs as well as pictures to interest and guide viewers. I also put captions under the images/gifs to tell the viewer what’s happening in the image as well as have the viewers that haven’t seen the show understand what is going on and why I used the image. I cited each image/gif I used with This method of citation is affective and it does not add more clutter to the page itself. When the viewer scrolls over the image, the citation appears, when they scroll off of it, the citation disappears. This is a very clean and organized way to show your citations yet keep your cite clean. I believe my images, gifs, captions, and organization benefit the users experience.


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